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A little bit of history...

Firebase grew out of Envolve, a group chat service for your website. We discovered our most exciting customers wanted to do more with realtime data than just send chat messages. They wanted to build real-time games, collaboration tools, analytics products, and much more.

Firebase was built to make the real-time technology that powers Envolve’s chat product broadly accessible to developers, so that they can build their own powerful applications. It incorporates years of learning about how to handle real-time data on the web and solves many of the hard problems so that developers don’t have to solve them again.

We’re really excited about the power of Firebase and the amazing things that people are already building with it. Read more in our FAQ or stay tuned on our blog and Twitter to see what the future holds!

Meet our Team

James Tamplin
James Tamplin Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Co-Founder & CTO
Vikrum Nijjar
Vikrum Nijjar Head of Operations
Michael Lehenbauer
Michael Lehenbauer Core Developer
Greg Soltis
Greg Soltis Core Developer
Rob DiMarco
Rob DiMarco Core Developer
Anant Narayanan
Anant Narayanan Dev Evangelist
Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson Community Manager
Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe VP User Experience
Megan Krilanovich
Megan Krilanovich Superhero
Adam Putinski
Adam Putinski Senior Frontend Developer
Chris Raynor
Chris Raynor Core Developer

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