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Sara Robinson
Apr 16, 2014

Winners Use Firebase at HackIllinois

Vikrum, Abe, Mike, and I had a fantastic time at the first ever HackIllinois at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign this past weekend. At the end of the hackathon, we were excited to discover that the top 3 winners all used Firebase in their hacks!

James Tamplin
Apr 12, 2014

Firebase Turns Two Today!

Two years ago today there was a torrential downpour in San Francisco. Despite the abysmal weather, a group of 250 friends and passionate technologists came to see Andrew, Vikrum, Michael and I introduce Firebase to the world.

Vikrum Nijjar
Apr 08, 2014

OpenSSL Security Update

Yesterday the OpenSSL Project released an update to address the "Heartbleed" vulnerability. Once the exploit was revealed our infrastructure team responded immediately and all Firebase services were secured the same day, by 11pm PDT on Monday, April 7. Firebase is no longer vulnerable to this exploit.

Sara Robinson
Apr 04, 2014

Fireside Chat with Ben Drucker from is a mobile web app that helps nonprofits rally major donors during events and campaigns. Founder Ben Drucker explains how uses Firebase and Angular in this Fireside Chat.

Sara Robinson
Apr 02, 2014

Fireside Chat with Kabriel Robichaux from Flawk

Flawk creates an online space for instant engagement between you and your audience. In this Fireside Chat, Co-Founder Kabriel Robichaux explains how Flawk uses Firebase.

Sara Robinson
Mar 28, 2014

Firebase at EmberConf 2014

Adam, Alex, James and I just got back from EmberConf in Portland, Oregon and had a great time! The Tilde team did a fantastic job planning the conference and we really enjoyed meeting Ember developers, chatting with the core team and getting feedback on our new EmberFire bindings.

Greg Soltis
Mar 24, 2014

Announcing Streaming for the Firebase REST API

We’re excited to announce that the Firebase REST API now supports streaming! This means you can add realtime notifications to your Firebase app on currently unsupported platforms.

Adam Putinski
Mar 21, 2014

Announcing New Bindings for EmberJS

Just in time for EmberConf next week, we’re excited to announce a new version of our EmberFire bindings, along with an example blogging app to showcase the magic of using Firebase with Ember.

Sara Robinson
Mar 13, 2014

Fireside Chat: Union Test Prep

Ryan from Union Test Prep explains how they use Firebase to power their online testing solution. They currently use the Firebase JavaScript SDK to store students' progress as they work through materials, and plan to use the iOS and Android SDKs in their upcoming suite of mobile apps.

Sara Robinson
Feb 19, 2014

Announcing Thinkster's AngularJS + Firebase Tutorial

The team at Thinkster wrote a comprehensive AngularJS tutorial utilizing Firebase for realtime data persistence. In the tutorial, you'll create a social link sharing site called 'ang-news' that covers many major concepts in Angular.

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