James Tamplin
James Tamplin Co-Founder & CEO June 19, 2012

Use Trigger.io and Firebase to build mobile apps!

One of the most requested Firebase features is the ability to create mobile apps. Since Firebase provides a JavaScript API it is impossible to build native mobile applications.

Today, we’re please to announce that we’re partnering with Trigger.io to allow you to do just that. The team at Trigger has created the simplest way for developers to build native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.

With Trigger and Firebase, you can write your app once and distribute across all the major platforms. By doing this you’ll also get the great benefits of Firebase within your mobile app without any extra work, including:

  • Built-in real-time synchronization between devices and users.
  • Your app will still work offline when you’re driving through a tunnel or have a spotty 3G connection.
  • No more pull to refresh!

Here’s an example app that the Trigger team put together:

For more details check out their post on the creation of the app and see more details in our updated documentation.

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