Michael Wulf
Michael Wulf Support Hacker November 25, 2013

Connect Firebase to 120+ API services with Zapier

Client-only apps are fantastic, but they have their limits. Want to send email notifications or store payment data from Stripe? Even if there’s a simple REST API to communicate with, secrets and tokens need to be kept private from users. It’s here that the client-only app starts breaking down, depending on REST servers and back-end scripts to glue together the various components.

Enter Zapier, an API integration service capable of tying up the loose ends. We’re happy to announce that Zapier has released a new Firebase service, allowing you to connect to over 120 APIs, all without a single line of code. Need to queue email notifications through SendGrid when a record is added to Firebase? Zap it! Need to push SMS notifications to Twilio? Zap those, too! Integrating third party services has never been faster or easier.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, head over to Zapier and sign up for a new account. Then check out their impressive list of integrations: from GitHub to SendGrid, and everything in between.

Check out the Firebase help doc for instructions on getting started.

Popular Firebase Integrations

Check out some of the Zaps already created by our community:

Share Your Thoughts

We welcome your feedback on our integration with Zapier. If you want to share a cool Zap with us or have ideas on how to improve the integration, please email wulf@firebase.com.

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