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Case Studies

CBS used Firebase to power multi-room chat for Big Brother's 2013 season.

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InVision uses Firebase to power its realtime presentation tool for designers.

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Citrix used Firebase to build two team collaboration products.

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Awesomatic is a collaboration tool centered around chat.

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Roll20 is a online virtual tabletop game with 100,000 users.

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Collaborative idea generation, critiquing and publishing for writers.

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Simulated models for responding to emergencies in real-time.

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App Showcase

Earbits is online radio for musicians and music lovers. It uses Firebase to power a synchronous listening experience for their users.

eToro, the world's leading social investment network, uses Firebase for real-time collaboration between its users.

Instacart offers fast delivery of groceries to your home. It uses Firebase to power its collaborative "Shop with Friends" feature.

InstantCab is an iPhone app that uses Firebase to get you a ride Instantly. Using InstantCab you can summon a cab, track it while it drives up to you, and pay automatically.

LessThan3 uses Firebase to power the real-time features on the Ultra Music Festival's website, and the websites of other events.

Hatchlings is a "Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt". It uses Firebase to allow users of its Facebook app to play the game together.

Quickschools is the world's first fully-online school management system. It uses Firebase to power real-time notifications and collaboration between its users.

MOX is music television that plays 24x7 live programming with music videos, daily news, and original features. MOX uses Firebase to power its real-time news feed, social posts and blog posts synchronized to the current video.

The Blue Alliance is a web resource for FIRST Robotics Competition teams. It uses Firebase for real-time notifications for upcoming matches and match scores.

Buildy is a creative building sandbox in HTML5 powered by Firebase.

Reqwip is a peer to peer sports gear marketplace, powered by Firebase.

Scratchpad is a real-time HTML and CSS code editor. Uses Firebase as their primary backend.

Homply is a Firebase-powered personal and automatic notepad for your properties, to help you manage your home search.

Bubble lets non-programmers build web apps with an easy drag and drop editor that lets you design and animate your application, and go from mockup to working prototype in a matter of hours.

Fretex Fashion is a real-time Instagram aggregator that uses Firebase on both the server and the client, making heavy use of prioritized indexes to sort photos by different criteria.

Simple WIP is a Firebase-powered work-in-progress tracker for teams. The app lets members effortlessly share what they're working on, and what they need help with, so teams can be more effective.

Seshcode connects people who are looking for programming help with experts. Once a match is found, the pair can video chat and collaborate using the in-browser code editor. The site's backend is powered by Firebase.

Tweetwall is a Twitter streaming platform for events, using Firebase to power its real-time Tweet display. It has been used by PayPal, CNN, Microsoft and many others.

CoderPad is a real-time, in-browser REPL powered by Firepad. It lets you instantly write and execute code collaboratively with an interviewee, right in the browser.

Love from our Developers

“Wow, loving the Firebase JS SDK. You can tell when developers really care.”

- Kyle Wild, Founder Keen IO

“Incredible first experience. I was able to get a completely custom, embedded chat client running in 30 mins. I really couldn't imagine how this could be easier.”

- Ryan Bubinski, Founder Codecademy

“We launched the first Firebase product about an hour ago. It looks to be going swell, with Forge lighting up like christmas!”

- James Richard, Engineer Twitch.tv

“I <3 tutorials. Firebase on-boarding is near perfect.”

- Newman Lanier, Founder BetterUX

“It's certainly nice to have someone else dealing with the nightmares of real-time scaling and security so that I don't have to.”

- Chris Granger, Founder LightTable

“Firebase is the easiest way to get real-time with persistence, with just a few lines of JavaScript code.”