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Functional Apps

All code is MIT Licensed. Feel free to take, modify and redistribute.


An open source collaborative text editor.

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An open source Twitter-like app built with Firebase, available on the web and iOS. View the source on Github web | iOS


Open source, real-time chat powered by Firebase.

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JavaScript Examples

$ git clone http://github.com/firebase/examples

  • Drawing

    It took only a few hours to build, showing just how easy it is to build collaborative apps with Firebase.

    This example showcases just how fast Firebase is. Pull it up on another computer or in a different browser and watch Firebase sync your pixel drawing in real-time through our cloud servers.

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  • Chat

    The "Hello World" example of real-time technology is chat, and since we used to be a chat company, we don't want to break tradition. Here's ours in 14 lines of JavaScript.

    This example shows you how to do the basics: write data into Firebase and read it when it changes.

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  • Presence

    To create a collaborative experience, it helps to know who's online so you can collaborate with them. With Firebase, this can be done in just a few lines of code.

    This example shows you how to store and remove data so that it can be used to indicate when you are online. Read more on presence.

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  • Leaderboard

    Firebase can be used to easily build multiplayer games! (See Tetris) One way to make games more fun is to keep track of scores for bragging rights.

    This example shows you how to limit data and sort it in Firebase.

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  • Tetris

    Yes, Tetris. We built a full blown version of two-player Tetris using only Firebase. Send your URL to another person and fight to the death! Clearing multiple rows on your board will push them onto your opponent's board. Test your Tetris skills!

    This example illustrates that more complex games can be built with Firebase, without writing any server code. Now go build your own!

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Simple Login Example

$ git clone http://github.com/firebase/firebase-simple-login

A live demo of Simple Login is available here.

iOS Examples

  • Firechat iOS

    Firechat demonstrates use of the Firebase iOS SDK by implementing a simple chat room.

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  • SF Live Bus

    This app is a simple technical demonstration of the Firebase iOS API. The app shows the current position of every bus in San Francisco. Each pin represents a bus. Bus positions are updated in realtime!

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Android Examples

  • Android Chat

    Android Chat demonstrates use of the Firebase Android / Java SDK by implementing a simple chat room. It also demonstrates how to use Firebase to back a ListView

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  • Android Drawing

    This application demonstrates creating a shared drawing canvas on Android devices. The canvas is updated in realtime as users draw on it.

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Below you'll find short snippets of code to help you get started with common tasks!