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Hosting Guide

Adding a Custom Domain

Paid Firebase plans can host content on a custom domain, like or Firebase Hosting will handle provisioning an SSL certificate for your domain and serving your content over a CDN.

The above screencast will walk you through setting up a custom domain, and you can also follow the steps below:

1. Verification of Domain Ownership

Before setting up your custom domain you'll need to deploy your site to it's own subdomain. This will give you access to the hosting admin panel, where you'll be able to see a history of deploys and manage custom domains.

On the Hosting tab of the Firebase app you'd like to associate with a custom domain, select the Use a Custom Domain button.

You will need to update the DNS entries for your domain by adding two TXT entries. The entries are available on the Hosting tab once you start the process of adding a custom domain. Depending on your domain name server host, this verification step may be instant or it may take an hour or more.

2. Provisioning an SSL Certificate

Once domain ownership is verified we will provision an SSL certficate for your domain and deploy it across our global CDN. This process can take 24 - 48 hours, and you will receive an email when it is complete.

3. Activate Your Domain

The final step will involve modifying the DNS for your domain to point to our service. We'll provide instructions for modifying your A records and CNAME records when you get to this point. The details will be available on the Hosting tab. Once your DNS server updates, users will be able to access your site on Firebase Hosting.

Subdomain Redirects with Custom Domain

If you have a custom domain enabled you can configure arbitrary subdomains to point to it by adding CNAME records to your domain name server. Every subdomain will redirect to the chosen custom domain with the 301 HTTP status code.

For example, if your chosen custom domain is and you add a CNAME record for www to point to Firebase Hosting then visitors to will be redirected to

As another example, if you specify a subdomain as part of your chosen custom domain, such as and configure the A record of your domain to point to Firebase Hosting then all requests to will redirect to

You can redirect all subdomains to your chosen domain by configuring a wildcard CNAME record in your DNS server.