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Firebase Open Data Sets

Airport Open Data Sets

Get the latest airport delay and status updates in realtime!

Firebase Open Data Sets are deprecated and will be shut down on March 30th, 2016.


You can view the realtime public airport delay data in the Firebase dashboard.

The Data Structure

Airports are organized at the root of the Firebase database by their 3-character ID codes (SFO, ORD, ATL, etc.) Here is an example entry for an the airport.

  city: "San Francisco",                  // Airport's city
  state: "California",                    // Airport's state
  IATA: "SFO",                            // IATA code
  ICAO: "KSFO"                            // ICAO code
  weather: {
    wind: "West at 13.8mph",              // Wind Direction/Speed
    weather: "A Few Clouds",              // Human Readable Weather Info
    temp: "77.0 F (25.0 C)",              // Temperature
    visibility: 10                        // Visibility in miles
  delay: true,                            // Airport's delay status
  name: "San Francisco International",    // Airport's full name
  status: {
    minDelay: "10 minutes",               // Minimum Flight Delay
    maxDelay: "168 minutes",              // Maximum Delay
    avgDelay: "58 minutes",               // Average Delay
    type: "Ground Delay",                 // Type of Delay
    reason: "RWY-TAXI CONSTRUCTION"       // Reason for Delay

Example Code

Retrieve delay information for San Francisco International Airport:

var airportsRef = new Firebase("");

airportsRef.child("SFO").on("value", delayInfo);

function delayInfo(snapshot) {
  var airport = snapshot.val();
  console.log("Delay: " + airport.delay + " reason: " + airport.status.reason);

Data Source

Airport delay data is provided by