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Firebase Open Data Sets

Weather Open Data Sets

Get up-to-the-minute weather data from 31 cities across the United States.

Firebase Open Data Sets are deprecated and will be shut down on March 30th, 2016.


You can view the realtime weather data in the App Dashboard.

Live Example

We've used this open data set to create a small demo to view the current weather in various cities.

Select a City:



Data Structure

Weather data is organized by city name. Each city includes daily, hourly, and minutely snapshots of data which contain various information about the weather.

    $city: {
        latitude: Number,                   // City latitude
        longitude: Number,                  // City longitude
        timezone: String,                   // The IANA timezone name for the requested location
        offset: Number,                     // The current timezone offset in hours from GMT.
        flags: {},                          // An object containing miscellaneous metadata concerning this request.
        (daily/hourly/minutely): {
            data: {                         // A list of data points containing the weather conditions.
                $point: {
                    apparentTemperature: Number,
                    cloudCover: Number,
                    dewPoint: Number,
                    humidity: Number
                    nearestStormBearing: Number,
                    nearestStormDistance: Number,
                    ozone: Number,
                    precipIntensity: Number,
                    precipProbability: Number,
                    pressure: Number,
                    summary: String,
                    temperature: Number
                    time: Number,
                    visibility: Number,
                    windBearing: Number,
                    windSpeed: Number
            summary: String                 // A human readable weather summary

For comprehensive details about the data structure, please see the Forecast.IO API Documentation.

Example Code

Get the current weather for San Francisco:

var weatherRef = new Firebase('');
weatherRef.child('temperature').on('value', function(snapshot) {
    console.log('Temperature is currently ' + snapshot.val());

Data Source

Data is provided via Forecast.