You're viewing the legacy docs. They are deprecated as of May 18, 2016.
These docs are for version 2.4.2 and below of the Javascript SDK. Go to our current docs, or see our Web migration guide.

Officially Supported

JavaScript Libraries

We offer a number of officially supported libraries to help integrate Firebase into your application.

Framework Libraries

First class bindings with some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Name Framework Description
AngularFire AngularJS AngularFire is the officially supported AngularJS binding for Firebase. Firebase is a full backend so you don't need servers to build your Angular app!
EmberFire Ember EmberFire is the officially supported adapter for using Firebase with Ember Data. The DS.FirebaseAdapter provides all of the standard DS.Adapter methods and will automatically synchronize the store with a Firebase database.
ReactFire ReactJS ReactJS is a framework for building large, complex user interfaces. Firebase complements it perfectly by providing an easy-to-use, realtime data source for populating the state of React components. With ReactFire, it only takes a few lines of JavaScript to integrate Firebase into React apps via the ReactFireMixin.
Ionic Ionic Ionic is a front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Because Ionic uses Angular, developers can use AngularFire to easily wire up a Firebase backend with an Ionic app.
BackboneFire Backbone.js BackboneFire is the officially supported Backbone binding for Firebase. The bindings let you use special model and collection types that will automatically synchronize with Firebase, and also allow you to use regular Backbone.Sync based synchronization methods.

Helper Libraries

Helpful libraries that are designed to speed up development.

Name Description
GeoFire GeoFire is an open-source JavaScript library that allows you to store and query a set of items based on their geographic location.

Drop In App Components

Popular drop in application components that can be easily integrated into your product

Name Description
Firepad An open source collaborative text editor.
Firechat Open source, realtime chat powered by Firebase.

Developer Tools

Helpful tools to expedite your development process.

Name Description
Vulcan A Chrome DevTool extenstion to inspect the data inside your Firebase.