You're viewing the legacy docs. They are deprecated as of May 18, 2016.
These docs are for version 2.4.2 and below of the Javascript SDK. Go to our current docs, or see our Web migration guide.


Third Party Libraries & Bindings

We make no guarantees about the quality or reliability of code written by third parties.


Name Description
FirebaseIndex Helps you organize, store, filter, sort and retreive data from Firebase by an index. Created by Michael Wulf.
Sublime Text 2 Snippets Quickly use Firebase when working in Sublime Text 2. Created by David Helgeson.


Name Framework Description
Polymer firebase-element Polymer An element wrapper from the Polymer team for the Firebase JavaScript
VueFire Vue.js Firebase bindings for Vue.js. Created by Evan You.
ember-model-firebase-adapter Ember A library that provides Firebase bindings for use with Ember Model. Created by Erik Bryn.
ember-firebase Ember Provides subclasses of Ember.Binding, Ember.ObjectProxy and Ember.ArrayProxy to make it easier to integrate Firebase into your Ember apps. Created by Michael Jackson.
Fireplace Ember Ember Data adapter for Firebase. Created by Richard Livsey.
knockoutFire KnockoutJS An observable array for KnockoutJS that you can associate with any Firebase location. Created by Hiroshi Saito.