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Install Firebase.

Ready to use with one line of code.

  //Use YOUR Firebase URL (not the one below)
  var fb = new Firebase("");

  /* Remember to include firebase JS Library
  <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
#import <Firebase/Firebase.h>
Firebase* fb = [[Firebase alloc] initWithUrl:@""];
Firebase fb = new Firebase('');

Save data.

Data is stored as standard JSON.

fb.set({ name: "Alex Wolfe" });
[fb setValue:@{@"name": @"Alex Wolfe"}];
fb.setValue("Alex Wolfe");

Update in realtime.

Firebase responds immediately to data changes as they occur.

fb.on("value", function(data) {
  var name = data.val() ? data.val().name : "";
  alert("My name is " + name);
[fb observeEventType:FEventTypeValue withBlock:^(FDataSnapshot *snapshot) {
  if(snapshot.value == [NSNull null]) {
    NSLog(@"User name doesn't exist");
  } else {
    NSString* name = snapshot.value[@"name"];
    NSLog(@"User full name is: %@", name);
fb.addValueEventListener(new ValueEventListener() {

    public void onDataChange(DataSnapshot snap) {
        System.out.println(snap.getName() + " -> " + snap.getValue());

    @Override public void onCancelled() { }

Add security rules.

Create custom security rules from the Firebase Dashboard.

Security Rules for Firebase

Choose a platform.

We know that apps are built using many services, libraries and APIs, and Firebase plays nicely with all of them.

AngularJS, EmberJS, Backbone.js, Javascript, iOS7, OSX, Android

Easily authenticate users.

Use Firebase to manage your authentication with the Firebase Simple Login service.

Use Firebase to manage your authentication

Start Hacking.

Create your free account and start building realtime apps.

Firebase, Build Realtime apps

Explore More API Methods

When you're ready to dive deeper you can view our full API reference.

new Firebase( ) Construct a new Firebase reference from a full Firebase URL.
auth Authenticates a Firebase client to Firebase.
unauth Unauthenticates a Firebase client from Firebase.
child Get a Firebase reference to a child location.
parent Get a Firebase reference for the parent location.
root Get a Firebase reference for the root of the Firebase.
name Get the last token of this location's full URL.
toString Get the absolute URL corresponding to this location.
set Write data into your Firebase.
update Modify existing data in your Firebase.
remove Delete data from your Firebase.
push Add data to a list using a unique name.
setWithPriority Write data into your Firebase using a specific priority.
setPriority Update the priority of data in your Firebase.
transaction Atomically modify data.
on Attach a callback to read data and receive data changes.
off Remove a callback attached with on( ).
once Attach a callback that will only be triggered once.
limit Create a Query limited to a maximum number of children.
startAt Create a Query with the specified starting point.
endAt Create a Query with the specified ending point.

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