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Securing user data with Bolt
Securing user data with the Bolt compiler is a breeze. Today we're going to cover securing user information. To do this, we'll build rules for a social network made of user and post data. read more
Introducing the Bolt Compiler
Today we are announcing the Beta release of the Bolt Compiler! Bolt is a high level modeling and security language that lets you easily translate your application’s data structure to the low-level JSON rules needed to secure your data in Firebase. read more
The Firebase CLI: now with database commands
With the latest Firebase CLI release, it can do much more than just hosting. The latest release gives you the power to read and write data from your Firebase database. read more
Managing Development Environments with Firebase
When building an application it can be very useful to set up multiple environments. Today we'll explore some tips and tricks for doing so on the Firebase platform. read more